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The Littleton ParaCon

imagesSaturday Apr 252020 10:00 am – 6 pm

Seminar starts at 11pm – 6pm.

Limited seating!

We are pleased to announce this year’s line-up of our featured guests:

Ken Gerhard: Cryptozoologist, Author of The Beast of Boggy Creek

Ronald Murphy: Teacher, author, actor, radio show host and all-around adventurer.

Stephen Barcelo: Curator of the Crytozoology & Paranomal Museum, paranormal investigator, and one heck of a nice guy

J.B. Beverley: Local Bigfoot expert, herpatologist, recording artist,  Engineer/Producer

Rev. Nina Circone: Spiritualist, herbalist and paranormal investigator

John Harrison: Bigfoot witness in Virginia
Seminar attendance is limited to 250 attendees. $25.00 each
Hosted by Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum

Check out our local vendors, hear our great guest speakers and share your stories.

Lakeland Theatre Co
411 Mosby Ave, Littleton, NC 27850

Get Your Tickets 25.00

click here to reserve your spot.

Vendors Wanted

Call Call 631-220-1231 or click here for more infomation.


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