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Bigfoot prints at Medoc Mountain State Park

Littleton, NC – 6/8/17 The Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum received a call from Darian Sellers and Chris Morgan of Warrenton NC after finding Bigfoot prints at Medoc Mountain State Park.

After stopping by the Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum at 328 Mosby Ave in Littleton to get a Bigfoot Evidence Bag (a kit for reproductions of footprints) and then going back to Medoc Mountain State Park to cast the footprint they came back to the Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum with the casting.This is the first casting these two have made, unfortunately it did break when they removed it but it is an impressive 18 inch by 8 inch print



We are open on Easter!



We told him that Easter Bonnet was too small for him.

Not only is our museum open on Easter, but our brand new Bigfoot is dressed and ready.


Stop by anytime this weekend to see him, and check out our new layout!

Happy Easter from Bigfoot and the rest of the museum team

Strange activity during Memorial Day weekend at Littleton


look in the upper left hand window

It has been a great Memorial Day weekend here at the Crypto Paranormal Museum. We have been very busy and we have had some amazing activity. On Sunday we had a fantastic group of paranormal investigators visit the museum and they captured some amazing evidence.

Upon visiting the museum, one of the investigators, Jaxon Bunton took a photo of the fron of the house, and captured a really interesting sight: he called us back shortly after leaving and told us he had captured a woman’s face in the window of the front of the museum.


What do you see in the upper part of the lower right hand pane?

The same investigators returned later for a ghost tour beginning out of the museum, and they had a great night, we had all of our meters going off, responding to questions and multiple people were touched.

This great group of investigators was also great at taking pictures of everything along the way. This is important in any investigation because it allows you to catch things you would miss otherwise.


This especially came in handy today when we reached out to them to see if they had any photos of the Mrs. Beasley doll. Those who have been to our museum will know we display her prominently and she has moved before, but we really wanted to have a photo taken just a day prior if possible.

These investigators came through, and the difference is remarkable. This I will remind you, is a locked box.


Photo taken 5/29 by Jaxon Bunto


Photo taken 5/30 by Stephen Barcelo






Unusual sighting and evidence

The Crypto-Para Museum Team took a trip to Medoc Mountain State park today. We decided to walk the Bluff Loop trail, where we had found our 2nd print last season.

The first unusual thing we noticed was a silhouette in the trees. Here are the photos Stephen took, but they do not do it justice. We thought it might be a stump that looked like a person, but as we got closer (around a bend) there was no tree or stump, and when we returned to the location later, it was gone.

AA Medoc new 1     Aa Medoc new 3

The second interesting thing: as we continued along and followed the trail away from the stream, we heard the breaking of large branches, which caused us to freeze, and then we heard a deep menacing grunt which sounded like a large animal. We were rather alarmed as we could not see anything to help identify the creature and it sounded angry. We continued onward (hurrying a bit), thinking that the trail returned to the parking lot. However we reached a point where we realized we would have to retrace our steps to return to the parking lot, passing the same spot where we heard the creature. We walked rather quietly as we did not want to disturb whatever it was.

As we approached the spot where we had heard the creature, we found an unusual print. It could almost be a large human print, if a human slid in the mud and was not wearing shoes. As you can see, we were wearing boots, and I could not see anyone walking these trails barefoot.

AA Medoc new 4

Not far from the print we found a large log in the path which had not been there five minutes ago. We even rolled the log to the side to see fresh leaves under it. Which indicates the creature we heard was something other than a bear. Also we had heard nothing fall, so this log had to have been placed rather gently.

AA Medoc new 5

At this point we headed back to our vehicle, stopping at the point where we saw the silhouette, tried to recapture it but it was gone.

It was an eventful day at Medoc Mountain, we will be heading back soon, hopefully with some volunteers with us. Next time we will bring a thermal.

Daily Herald Interviews the Museum


rrheraldOur local newspaper the Daily Herald interviewed Stephen in regards to the new sighting in the area. Click here to see the article, or view the video below. Dont forget to take the poll! We want to know what you think.



New Bigfoot Sighting in NC

The museum was called this morning for a Bigfoot sighting early this morning January 6th, 2016 in Littleton N.C. on Moore St within walking distance from the museum.


Witness Tifanie (last name redacted) reported “When I looked out the window I saw a large upright black bigfoot type creature with long black hair” walking through a trail in the woods behind her home, it was close enough that she could hear the branches being crushed as the creature passed.
As per Tifanie, the bigfoot was moving very quickly northwards in woods west of Moore St. She states it was too large to be a human and it definitely was not a bear.

Tifanie pointing to the branch that was at the height of the creatures head to show the height of the creature.

While we were on the phone with Tifanie she spotted a dog walking along the same game trail behind her property. The dog appeared to be following a scent as it traveled in the same direction the creature had earlier. Our investigation did not uncover any footprints, as the ground was all leaf litter, though there were places where the brush and leaf litter was crushed as if by large feet. Also, there were broken branches at the witnessed height of the creature.

Depressions and crushed plants along the game trail.


Recently broken branch along the game trail behind Tifanie’s house.

Bigfoot in Literature: Epic of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh and Enkidu respectively, Cylinder seal from Ur, 3rd millennium bce, height 1-1/2 inches.

Gilgamesh and Enkidu respectively, Cylinder seal from Ur, 3rd millennium bce, height 1-1/2 inches.

Most people we have found, think of Bigfoot as a modern phenomena. That is one of the most common arguments, against the existence of Bigfoot since a hominid creature is not just going to pop up recently. While the term “Bigfoot” is a modern term, the history of Bigfoot or, if you prefer, Bigfoot like creatures, extends through history and literature.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is famous for being the oldest narrative in writing, it was recorded in cuneiform tablets around 2700 BCE, over 4700 years ago.  It tells the story of Gilgamesh, a king of Uruk and Enkidu, who is a “wild man.” Wild Man is the usual terminology for bigfoot like creature from ancient times up past the middle ages.

An analysis of one of the older tablets gives a very interesting story about Enkidu, “Like an animal Enkidu’s body had hitherto been covered with hair, which is now shaved off. He is anointed with oil, and clothed ‘like a man.'”(1)

Enkidu, is very large and very strong, who is covered with hair and does not live in civilized society. This sounds very much like a Bigfoot like creature. Of course the Epic of Gilgamesh is widely recognized as a piece of literature and not necessarily historically accurate, however Gilgamesh is a true historical figure. “Historical evidence for Gilgamesh’s existence is found in inscriptions crediting him with the building of the great walls of Uruk (modern-day Warka, Iraq) which, in the story, are the tablets upon which he first records his great deeds and his quest for the meaning of life.”(2) 

This is not a claim that a story about killing a giant is historically accurate down to the details, but as the main figure is accurate, it could very well be that the story of Enkidu is based on fact, even if artistic license was used liberally in the final story. Even if this amounts to nothing more than the fact that bigfoot sightings were common enough to write about a bigfoot type creature as the hero in a story.

There is much more to learn, as in 2003 a German expedition was able to map the ancient city of Uruk and believes they may have found Gilgamesh’s tomb, “I don’t want to say definitely it was the grave of King Gilgamesh, but it looks very similar to that described in the epic,” said Jorg Fassbinder of the Bavarian department of Historical Monuments in Munich.(3)  The research has been halted due to the political situation in Iraq, but the department of Historical Monuments in Munich is hoping to get in to continue their study.

As you can see, bigfoot is not a modern phenomena, as Enkidu with all of his bigfoot like characteristics, is present in the oldest written narrative. Bigfoot is as ancient as the written word.

(1)Jastrow, Morris, and Albert Tobias Clay. An Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh Epic, on the Basis of Recently Discovered Texts,. Reprint ed. New Haven: Yale UP, 1920. 20. Print.
(2)Mark, Joshua. “Gilgamesh.” Gilgamesh. Ancient History Encyclopedia, 13 Oct. 2010. Web. 12 Sept. 2015.
(3)“Gilgamesh Tomb Believed Found.” BBC News. BBC, 29 Apr. 2003. Web. 12 Sept. 2015.

Haunted Dolls

photo of haunted doll in box

Our haunted object exhibit is where we showcase items that have residual energy attached. Some have emotions attached, some have more formless energy and some seem to react in a limited manner to the environment. We have a number of haunted objects that have been donated to the museum. The haunted dolls seem to capture the visitors the most. Here is the story behind one of our first acquisitions.

1967 Ms. Beasley Doll:

We were given the doll by a family who had collected the Ms. Beasley doll as a nostalgia piece at a yard sale. After they brought the doll home, the problems started. They left the doll on a small table as a decoration; however they kept coming in to find the doll moved. They had fights about who was moving the doll, but soon realized that they were all too scared to have been the ones to move it.

Sometimes it was lying down, sometimes it was turned backwards, and on one memorable occasion its head was turned to face the door so it was staring at whoever entered the room. They gave the doll to us as they felt they could no longer have it in their home. Since we have had it, we have noticed it seem to be in a different position then it was set, but as we have people in and out of the room we cannot definitively say anything yet. We plan to put a video on her now that she is confined to the box to see if we can find any movement.



New Questions on the Medoc Mountain Print

We keep receiving reports of sighting in our area. All of the sighting detail a bipedal, hairy creature, partially hunched. However some of the reports differentiate from a “typical” bigfoot sighting, if there can be such a thing. Some of the reports we have been given state that the creature has visible ears and a snout.

Smithfield Premium GeneticsAnother recent report told us of strange happenings at a building centrally located to all of the sightings, Smithfield Premium Genetics. The report is from someone who lives near the building and says that they have a lot of activity late at night, and that at those late hours they hear screams that sound more human than animal. We at the museum have never witnessed any of this but we do find the report interesting and we are looking for more information.

Another person who also lives close to Smithfield Premium Genetics said that she found very large prints in the snow outside her home last January, they were hoof prints but extremely large, at least 5″ across.

A visitor to our museum who was aware of the rumors on smithfield genetics stated that the print found at Medoc Mountain looked more like a hog print than a typical bigfoot.

MM-Print-1Here is a photo of a copy of our print. It is more clear than the original without all the pinestraw and debris on it. We do not think this is a match for a hog print, especially given the size, and the fact that the three “pads” have what looks like toenails or claws at the end of them. Also, please not that due to the hardness of the soil it was impossible to really tell where the print ended so we cast the area that was most clearly defined, the print may be the correct size, or it may have actually been longer, and the toes just dug into the soil better. A full grown man jumping on the soil could not make a castable imprint. See the full story here.

What do you think? Do you have any information about Smithfield Genetics? We would be interested in any more information we can collect regarding either the print or the suspicious looking local building.


Suspicious Print Found in Medoc Mountain State Park, NC

After receiving multiple reports of a bipedal creature crossing the road near Medoc Mtn State Park, CPM (Crypto Para Museum) decided we should go out and snoop around.

The print was 8" by 9" from what we could tell. It appears to have 3 toes or pads, and after casting, it revealed claws or toenails.

The print was 8″ by 9″ from what we could tell. It appears to have 3 toes or pads, and after casting, it revealed claws or toenails.

When we entered the park, we saw that they had been staging controlled burns, especially along the trails. Most of the ground around the trails was charred and some areas were still smoking.

Within minutes of entering the parks picnic area, and deciding which trail to take, we noticed a suspicious print.

Since we brought a cast kit with us, we were able to cast on the spot.

Since we brought a cast kit with us, we were able to cast on the spot.

Luckily we had our casting kit with us, and we were close enough to the parking lot to make it easy to get supplies. The print was obviously fresh. While waiting for the cast to set, we tested the nearby ground and were

The ground was very solid, even jumping didn't make a dent. You can also see the scorch from the controlled burn.

The ground was very solid, even jumping didn’t make a dent. You can also see the scorch from the controlled burn.nearby ground and were

unable to make any mark due to the dryness of the substrate, so whatever made this mark was very heavy.

After the cast set, we brought the cast to the park’s ranger station and they were incredibly helpful, showing us animals that they had on display to give us an idea of foot size, however they were unable to identify the print, as the largest creature spotted in the area is the occasional black bear which has a print size of up to 5″ across, not the 8″ width that this print has.

We are posting photos to see if anyone can shed any light on

This photo shows that there are at least 3 or 4 claws or nails, and the red lines show the indentations along the print.

This photo shows that there are at least 3 or 4 claws or nails, and the red lines show the indentations along the print.

helping us identify the print, or has seen anything in the area, please report it to CPM at

As you can see the print is about 8" by 9"

As you can see the print is about 8″ by 9″