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Strange activity during Memorial Day weekend at Littleton


look in the upper left hand window

It has been a great Memorial Day weekend here at the Crypto Paranormal Museum. We have been very busy and we have had some amazing activity. On Sunday we had a fantastic group of paranormal investigators visit the museum and they captured some amazing evidence.

Upon visiting the museum, one of the investigators, Jaxon Bunton took a photo of the fron of the house, and captured a really interesting sight: he called us back shortly after leaving and told us he had captured a woman’s face in the window of the front of the museum.


What do you see in the upper part of the lower right hand pane?

The same investigators returned later for a ghost tour beginning out of the museum, and they had a great night, we had all of our meters going off, responding to questions and multiple people were touched.

This great group of investigators was also great at taking pictures of everything along the way. This is important in any investigation because it allows you to catch things you would miss otherwise.


This especially came in handy today when we reached out to them to see if they had any photos of the Mrs. Beasley doll. Those who have been to our museum will know we display her prominently and she has moved before, but we really wanted to have a photo taken just a day prior if possible.

These investigators came through, and the difference is remarkable. This I will remind you, is a locked box.


Photo taken 5/29 by Jaxon Bunto


Photo taken 5/30 by Stephen Barcelo







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