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New Bigfoot Sighting in NC

The museum was called this morning for a Bigfoot sighting early this morning January 6th, 2016 in Littleton N.C. on Moore St within walking distance from the museum.


Witness Tifanie (last name redacted) reported “When I looked out the window I saw a large upright black bigfoot type creature with long black hair” walking through a trail in the woods behind her home, it was close enough that she could hear the branches being crushed as the creature passed.
As per Tifanie, the bigfoot was moving very quickly northwards in woods west of Moore St. She states it was too large to be a human and it definitely was not a bear.

Tifanie pointing to the branch that was at the height of the creatures head to show the height of the creature.

While we were on the phone with Tifanie she spotted a dog walking along the same game trail behind her property. The dog appeared to be following a scent as it traveled in the same direction the creature had earlier. Our investigation did not uncover any footprints, as the ground was all leaf litter, though there were places where the brush and leaf litter was crushed as if by large feet. Also, there were broken branches at the witnessed height of the creature.

Depressions and crushed plants along the game trail.


Recently broken branch along the game trail behind Tifanie’s house.



  1. laura Connell says:

    LOL ok


    • Richard says:

      Why would you click on this young ladies post if only to ridicule ? People like you are the reason a lot of credible sightings go unreported.


  2. tifanie says:

    I really did see a very large unknown creature. Big foot? Maybe but it was something I’ve never seen before and I’m from the backwoods of Spencer van etten NY where we have many bears and other large animals. I’ve even seen a bob cat with babies in in my back yard in NY and a mama bear with cubs. This was something different and very large.

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  3. ashley park says:

    You should put some deer cams up & see if u can capture some photos of it. I live in Jackson nc and I’ve herd stories from years ago up until heart recently about ppl seeing a huge unknown creature. I believe u hun.. Just wish we could get some PROOF YA KNO so ppl don’t think we’re crazy

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  4. I believe you. I met a man who saw one in V.A. in 1995.He now runs the VA Bigfoot website. There have also been sightings in nearby Nash county. If you have seen a bear before, then you obviously know the difference between a bear and something different. I checked out the museum, and they mentioned sightings from Meadoc mountain(which I knew about), and in Vaughn and Brinkleyville. You may also wish to report it to the Bigfoot Field Researcher’s Organization, to help researchers’ see if there is a pattern to the sightings. They won’t post your name if you don’t want them to.Also, I wouldn’t worry either, I have never heard of one hurting children. If it snows, you may want to check for footprints, because sometimes they may travel the same route. As in V.A., near Lake Anna, 14 recorded sightings over a ten year period all occured within a 5 mile radius of each other. I wish I could be in “your shoes”. I consider you one of the “lucky”? few to have a sighting! Best of luck!


  5. Rick says:

    I don’t know why it is so difficult to believe there maybe something in the woods so elusive, that few are privileged to see it. I have a tree right at the edge of my yard and recently, some wood land critter has decided to attack the tree. I’m thinking to get at termites. This aint no wood pecker. I was out there again yesterday and was shocked to see that What ever it is, has clawed almost half of the diameter of the tree to shreds. Now I have to cut the tree down before it falls down. I can see the tree clearly from the house and I’ve been watching for weeks and have yet to spot the culprit. I don’t know if it is a skunk, a raccoon, a porcupine or what it is….

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